Leadership Bedford

The Leadership Bedford Program is designed to develop and enhance a diversified group of informed, committed, and qualified individuals who will assume leadership roles for Bedford County organizations, both public and private, to meet the needs of the future.


  1. To identify and develop potential and existing leaders in business, government, and the community to help them better prepare for responsibility in the community.
  2. To provide these leaders with a practical, clear, and simple understanding of major problems and opportunities facing our community.
  3. To facilitate access between emerging leaders and current leadership of the community.
  4. To improve the communications network among leaders from diverse backgrounds and interests.
  5. To create an avenue for people committed to the community to meet and exchange ideas.
  6. To stimulate increased participation in and commitment to the community.

The mission of Leadership Bedford is to develop local leaders by equipping them with leadership skills, to provide information on community issues so that the community can progress, and to evoke community action based on the presentation of these issues.


Each year, the adult and youth classes are selected through an application process. The class begins in September and class days are the first Wednesday of each month, unless scheduled otherwise, with graduation in April.

If you have questions about the Leadership Bedford program, please contact Joe Marchesoni, Leadership Bedford Board President, at joe.marchesoni@gounited.net.